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I have travelled many miles, and I have wiped away many smiles. I've come from my icy pit, just to rub your face in shit. Slutman City--Life without shame-- Slutman City--So much flesh--to maim! We grant you sweet release--from your useless life. Of your heart I'll have a piece--Impaled on my knife--Your world to rape--Your life sucked dry--The purity of wisdom--A withered husk. Flies thrive, human waste now rules the earth, but I tell you you're not the first. Your cities built on corpses, you best beware--Your towers will crumble--as did theirs! Slutman City--Pimples on my butt-- Slutman City--Bestial necrophilliacs busting nuts. Your world is doomed-- You wonder why--You bleed her daily-- And now flies thrive. You wanna do drugs? Own expensive rugs? With much aplomb--You'll watch me rape your mom. Tattered millions bathe in hate-- Tons of junk and crack to take!! Teenage girls to eviscerate--Gorged on eyeballs, gonna vomit on your plate. Slutman City!! Slutman City!!! We masturbatel, and we create, the human race--the spawn of apes. We rape and kill, until we're done--You ask me why--Ha Ha! Because it's fun! melodiei Slutman city album mp3 mp3 mp3 versuri melodia. mp3 GWAR muzica muzica straina cantece cuvintele versurile versuri.

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