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Versuri Shadowland

Shadowland Lyrics I am the one, I can turn to the sun Here in my own destiny I used to bleed, like a suicide I need, How come, I'm my own enemy Don't you have the strength, No desire for shore, Weakened by the haze I discovered your weakness I'm heading to fall Returning to hit your face I'm looking over my shoulder So I see.. Do you hear, I'm the fear of a shadowland Kiss the dirt, taste the pain, Your heart in my hand And it hurts in my brain, and my head would spin, Let me down, don't give up, don't give in Never alone, never too far, Now when I'm here on my own Cut off my pride, but I'm still alive Watching the daylight to come. Thrown to the gallow, forgotten and sore Nothing's forever and so we ignore Come see sadness you never saw I'm something a painter drawn I like the way that you let me in your dreams

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