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Versuri Sex (The Black Angel)

Look at my eyes - you know what it is I want you, I want you The way your body moves beneath that dress And all the nights I've spent away alone in sleeplessness It's a hunger that we can fill Racing, racing And every nerve tingles with it I want you, I want you You know the way that I can make you feel Of all the faces in the crowd, there's only you Pull down your hair a little Open up your mouth a little You're beautiful, you're the best This feeling that you know oh so well Your oldest friend from the fires, the fires of hell And I want you now Driving down Driving down Into the fires Every stretch and move is like a dream Eating, biting, scratching And all there is, is these racing pulses And the breathing Forget all the lies that they gave to you Believe in this 'cause how could this feeling not be true Driving down

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