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[Swano - Swano/Elkhart] I'm feeling so empty inside When the fragments of pain return from the back of my mind Of all of the lies I've been told We love you must be the worst I couldn't find any reason to stay My life is too precious to sacrifice The darkest of shadows follow my soul Tonight I will join all lost ones on the run I have to run away I'm all alone in this world When the memories arise and punch a new hole in my soul I'm hiding my head in my hands for the fragments to disappear I wait for the nightfall, eager to leave I whisper goodbye to the house of fear Watching my sister cry in her sleep One day she will understand I know I'm scarred for life all messed up with no place to go I'm out here all alone Lonelier than the streets I wander I'll always have these scars inside I'm scarred for life I'm lost in the cold of the night Looking for shelter until the dawn turns to day I'm holding my hands to my head For the silence to reappear The fragments and places remembered with fear Never to leave, just fade away I'll carry them with me forever and a day Just like a nail in my heart

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