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Versuri Steal The Moon

Now he's here inside her ocean sky. He's dreaming again, he's released from all his fears. I'm standing here watching the world through his eyes, There's no reason to leave since I know no time never dies. But I can fell the rain upon your cheek 'Cause you don't know that I could steal the moon for you. You don't know I'd sing an endless croon for you. It's strange in here, knowing I'll have your name. I'll never be me, I'm like art in a stolen frame. And if I would die, would I be reborn like you, And start all over again, with a life so fresh and new A combination of love hate and jealousy. I'm stuck in here but you will soon be free You don't know I could steal the moon for you, You don't know I could steal the moon for you,

Cuvinte versurile versuri Steal The Moon muzica straina Nightingale. Versurile mp3 mp3 versuri asculta descarca asculta.

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