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Versuri A Lesson In Evil

[ Swano ] I try to escape from the shadows of mine It's following me wherever I go It's like someone is breathing behind My own reflection has turned into my foe I hear his voice as he speaks unto me I am here to torment, you will never be free You'll know the difference of pleasure and pain If you're sunshine the I am the rain Can you remember can you recall You put the noose around my neck I won't surrender until you fall You will obey I am from the other side And I have come to teach you pain I'll give a lesson in evil From the evil side You're the ocean that I have to drain And I have come here to reign It makes this noise that will never stop I will be strong and never give it up My shadow drag me like a magner field There is no return the maze has been sealed Can you remember can you recall You said it would be such an innocent game You're the offender, and now you crawl And you obey! I wonder where we're going We're gettin' closer to the hill And the forest of the nightmares Will we do the same again? Will he see me hanging just like the way he did And will he see me end my life Just the way I ended his? Hide and seek of life and death Now it's my turn to see you gasp for your last breath My friend! There is this noise in my head That forces me to do things I do not want to I hear him say: I want your body dead So that I can be reborn, it's my turn to live now I have been here in this place that turns hell into heaven for too long now I will have access to your mind And I'll get what I want!

Versuri piesa descarca versuri album asculta muzica straina melodia versurile. Descarca ultima melodie A Lesson In Evil Nightingale.

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