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I'm in too deep Climbing up and down these walls My heart is lost Though I never thought I'd give it up Now I'm back in the darkness Of the waiting room for ones to be I sacrifice your body and my soul So that he'll be coming back for you So that he'll be coming back for you Cause when you feel all the darkness surround you You're selling your soul to the shadowman In pain you are begging your master to guide you Back to the dark though you don't know why And now you realize that your soul is no longer alive And than you feel that you are dead inside The stars align In a formation never seen before A premonition, a prophecy (And) the shadow has returned to life I hope you won't remember Who you were and how you used to be You gave it up cause you couldn't take the pain Of always looking through a strangers eyes All the stars alight In the newborn night They are falling from the sky And the colors here around me is fading to gray Now I can feel that the powers surround me Caught in the spell of the shadowman The spirits awake and they gather to hide you Cause this is the end and I don't know why What in the world can I have done to deserve the pain That is burning inside me as I close my eyes. The light of the day has awakened to open up my eyes Where are you now, did he take you away The spirits arise and they tell me that they will show the way They will lead me to a sanctuary If you were there it would really ease the pain (Aaaah :) He will return tonight [Lead: DS/TN/DS/TN] Now you're on the outside looking in Waiting for the battle to begin Waiting for the shadowman to take a part of me Wonder why he couldn't end it all When he had the chance to make me fall Could it be the love inside of you? Now I can see that the darkness surround me The night is in league with the shadowman All of the spirits are gathered beside you Guarding your soul in the candlelight If we are strong and fill our hearts with love we'll survive The joy and the laughter will defend your life [Guitars: DS] [Keyboards: DS] ultima melodie versuri versuri melodiei melodiei melodia cantece. Nightingale cantece Shadowman cuvinte versurile mp3 muzica straina versurile versurile.

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