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Versuri Eye For An Eye

[ Swano ] I have no control, he's making my moves I am like a puppet on a string To get a hold of my body he must empty my soul But right now I wonder what the end will bring I wonder if I am dreaming, if I do will I wake up Before we reach the forest Where my dreams will stop Thinking about the woman That has saved me from the cold I really need her here now, I need a hand to hold And the more that I think of you The more you fade away And here in this hell that I am going through I can't even close my eyes and pray The noise drives me crazy But I remain calm In this blur I hear a melody It might be the final psalm It's time for a change An eye for an eye Admitting it's strange He'll live and I'll die He's out for revenge An eye for an eye It's my turn to suffer now The final goodbye An eye for an eye An I for an I Desperation takes control My life is slipping away We're coming closer to the end And there is nothing that I can do I see thru these eyes, I am blind! I am thinking about my life the way it used to be Thru the good times and the bad And all the moments that I've had It's not a way to end a life But I guess it was just pretend I am out walking this winter night And everything is like before We enter the forest now and I can see the tree The rope is still hanging there Like a monument to forever be In the noise I hear laughters but I also hear cries I guess it is my soul I hear Knowing of his sacrifice? Please someone release me father Let this torture stop I feel a tear is coming as I am climbing higher up Please my friend forgive me I wasn't meant to end this way Trying to control myself, but I am the game you play And the noose is around my neck And now my time is here I wish I could show my regrets and express my fear Where am I going to can you tell me what we'll be Will I come to where you are? I guess I'll just die and see! The gallow is ready now, an eye for an eye I wish I could live somehow, but lifeless I'll lie And he will be born again, I die oh I die I am jumping now I am losing life an eye for an eye It's only black and no signs of light And the shadow has entered my body And I can hear him say farewell with my voice Oh, when the night comes down And the dark is conducting the nightfall overture

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