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Just say the words and Iæ¦ on a scenic drive to you Through open roads, no passing zones, construction workers. Speeding through the night just to lie with you Why wonæ° you call Iæ³e got a full tank of gas and nowhere to go But you donæ° like me that way do you? And I guess it all makes sense after all But I still canæ° get you off my mind Every time I close my eyes, youæ®e always there. Your memoryæ¯ not a fleeting one What I wouldnæ° give to be with you one more time The way you make me feel inside you donæ° even know Iæ¦ head over heels and in way over my head And no matter how many hints I drop Iæ¦ just another guy to you And it all makes sense when it comes down to it Another song, another girl Iæ£l never know And I can live with that I suppose I just wish youæ give me a try Black top roads and blue skies Are all that divide us The closer we get to each other The further I feel from you Hold my hand take my heart Just donæ° leave me alone again

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