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One more time, hereæ¯ one for the books Itæ¯ not your average anthem song In fact itæ¯ quite the opposite Iæ³e got one last thing to say Iæ³e got to get this off my chest And you say, If youæ®e not now you never were Well tell me what Iæ³e been. And you just talk talk talk, cause itæ¯ such an earth shattering thing And all those things you said about standing by my side When you cut me down with your two faced lies theyæ®e just words Youæ®e not any better than anyone Your friendship comes at such a price Have I been faking this for so many years? If this changes you and me well, you never were my friend. I can still look back with a smile on my face Remembering the good times that we had But youæ³e let this go to far, youæ³e let this go to your head Youæ³e chosen your beliefs over long time friends And how am I any worse for anything Iæ³e done I moved on and you stabbed me in the back Look yourself in the eyes and ask, Am I right? We kick the weak, but who is the weak?

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