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Walking in after a 3 day wait And a 20 minute drive It feels like forever And at least a day or two Since Iæ³e been in your arms Itæ¯ 3am and youæ³e been up since 12 Waiting for all my roads To lead me to your door So weak I am as we embrace for the first time in about 10,000 miles As you take my hand, lead me up the stairs to your room Shut the door, take your face, youæ®e beautiful tonight In candle light And Iæ³e missed your touch As I whisper in your ear Youæ®e everything to me And tonight Iæ¦ yours So here we are, embracing the dark Kisses, closed eyes Heartbeats and thighs Iæ¦ lost in you Running my hands through your blonde hair Tracing red lines down my sore back Iæ£l stay tonight remind me not to leave you again

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