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I wanted to see mars tonight But settled instead for your rain streaked windshield I opened up the sunroof to let the rain come in To mask my tears And she said: Iæ¦ sorry, I didnæ° mean to hurt you I nod and smile. I have nothing to say Silence fills there air A tear runs down her cheek And Iæ£l die tonight So I left you with my heart in my hands And sorrow in my chest Came home and stripped turned off all the lights Filled the water in the tub A smile, a cut, a flash Iæ¦ gone. Close my eyes and slip away forever. You did this to me You might as well have held the knife Or sucked the last of my breath from my dying lips. And as my body grows cold, hold me tight and steal my soul And lock it away with the note in front of the mirror that held my last smile Before I took my life And all it said was when you fall scream all the way down It ends not with a whimper but with a scream a cry a slamming door A gunshot wound a bleeding heart This is what love will do to you all. muzica piesa cuvinte versuri album Muzica straina Last Words melodia cantece mp3 The Nightmare Scenario versuri descarca ultima melodie.

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