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Versuri Dear Heather

Youæ®e a face Iæ£l quickly be forgetting An enigma I never figured out And though I said Iæ never leave I lied. Iæ¦ sure youæ£l live How much do I matter anyways? Honestly, can you say you ever cared at all? And how many times did you expect me to say it didnæ° matter That you did not care at all I guess I assumed it would get better But it didnæ° so now Iæ¦ gone And someday maybe our paths will cross again And someday maybe things will have changed But as for now Iæ¦ left to myself As for now, I am nothing...nothing. And once again, Iæ¦ left to myself And my destructive nights and pitiful days Thanks for nothing

The Nightmare Scenario versurile melodiei. Versuri Dear Heather muzica cantece versuri melodia cuvinte piesa muzica straina.

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