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Revenant Lyrics [Bonus Track] He's back! Painful memories and a restless soul cause him to come back, back to save the souls which he lives off. But... he wants to save us. The decimation of all that is pure, a system that feeds their machine with the souls of the lost, destroying all from the known to the arcane Reminding voices you fear since a long time Darkness falls upon souls Be blind to yourself, the evil inside, manipulation of all your dreams Crawling memories ment forever The angels will sing the song for you Someone save me.........Revenant Send me a witness You'll stand or burn Looking down upon a world desperate changes it goes through in the arms of the lost, created by souls the inner flesh, a deeper control When you parted the sea Will you save us from mysteries The tears of remorse Too late for regrets Another world to forget You watch'em comin' one by one You're on the prowl and they're on the run Someone save me.........Revenant Send me a witness You'll stand or burn Now you parted the sea And you saved us from mysteries emotions are gone, the suffering inside Is this the truth , that you feel

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