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Perception Of Life Lyrics Where do you draw the line? What else has to happen? Stay away from our women and children. Don't keep quiet. You have to shout out loud to be heard. On the edge of forever you'll fall I'm here when you're watching the sky The oceans of life, the lord of it all Hopes and dreams on which will you rely When you're closer I'm down in my dreams, nothing better, again you fall flashes on my T.V. screen stories never told Fly, fly, some of us will fly Some others know the reasons why Fly, fly , over to the sky Perception of your life Don't be afraid, what's there in the dark Be afraid of what it hides Life is a dream, not what it seems, up from the ashes for the obscene For a moment, words in my mouth someone told me to stay, they go unspoken, I hold my tongue my mind gets in the way Perception of my life

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