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Versuri My People

Stare across the crowd, the fear and love in their faces The children of the tribes, prisoners of the flags unfurling Protect us in these changing times, The warm embrace, the killing price . . . My people right or wrong Remember running from the hall as the voices screamed behind us I felt I'd die for you in the sunlit hills of our home The moments come then recede away The empty words, the hollow light of day . . . My people right or wrong And outside is cold, staring up at the lighted window And in the bitter home, the thicker the blood the faster it keeps on flowing Get in your place, boy Let's take what's ours, boy Understand the price, boy I've seen those who try to make a life without kin for ever So I've taken my place uncertain at your shoulder The last few prayers, the whistle blow, And into the fray once more we go My people right or wrong

New Model Army muzica album descarca My People album muzica. Cuvintele versuri versuri cuvinte cantece cuvintele muzica straina cantece.

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