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Versuri LOVE CITY (Postcards To Duluth)

Hey, Margaret, I left you a note, did you get what I wrote? I laid it between your records. It said I'm changing my mind, and I'm leaving to find An answer for both of us. I think that it's better that we be apart; I've got to find out what life is about. I'll drop you a postcard from time to time When I, when I, get to Love City. Hey, Margaret, I landed today, and I flew all the way: Now I know what you'll say about airplanes; If God had meant us to fly we'd be amply supplied with wings. Ah, didn't he? I can't waste a minute, a minute won't wait. How would you like if I found it a minute too late? Margaret, I miss you, want you by my side While I'm, while I'm in Love City. Hey, Margaret, I'm not comin' home, and I'll stay here alone If you can't get free to follow. But Margaret, the days are so few, won't you please hurry, too? There's so much we must do for tomorrow. It's getting much closer, it's coming your way. And something more beautiful happens inside me everyday! I'm sending a flower; they're hard to find. They grow, as you know, in Love City.

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