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Versuri LISTEN, MR BILBO (Mr Bigot)

Chorus: Listen, Mr. Bigot, listen to me, I'll give you a lesson in history Listen while I tell you that the foreigners you hate Are the very same people made America great. Oh listen Mr. Bigot, uh-huh...listen Mr. Bigot In 1492, just to see what he could see Columbus, who was an Italian set out across the sea He said Isabella, baby, the world is round And the USA's just awaitin' to be found. (Chorus) Oh listen Mr. Bigot, (well, some of my best friends are) Listen Mr. Bigot (oh, they like to live with their own kind) Well when the King of England started pushin' Yanks around They had a little trouble up in Boston town But a brave, black, Crispus Attucks was the man The first one to fall when the fightin' began. (Chorus) Oh listen Mr. Bigot, (They can't help it. It's their cultural point of view) Listen Mr. Bigot (They all look alike to me!) Now Bigot, you're taking one hell of a chance Your good friends the Duponts, came over from France Another thing I'm sure will be news to you The first Mr. Bigot was a foreigner too. (Chorus) You don't like blacks, you don't like jews Well if there's anyone you do like, it sure is news You don't like Poles, Hispanics too Anyway they serve you up, we don't like you (Chorus) Oh listen Mr. Bigot, (Well there we were on the beach, just trying to get some sun And up comes a busload of them, well first they got these boxes that play this music, I mean it's not even in English. Then they take out these stoves or hibachi's or something The smoke was dreadful, the smell was even worse. I wouldn't let my daughter marry one, ya know?) Listen Mr. Bigot

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