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Chorus: With your face to the wind, I see you smilin' again Spirit's movin' within, I know that you're gonna win You've been down this road before Somethin' inside tells you what's in store Gotta remember what we're all here for Ya gotta eat up the apple and spit out the core (Chorus)2x You can get angry, you can curse You can shout it out in rhyme or verse And you can tell me that it's never been worse Then take that old sows ear and turn it into a purse (Chorus) There are gifts that come like the rain They make the plants grow, they drench you all the same And there are gifts that took you years to see Like the gift of the friend that you've been to me Yes there are hands here to comfort you And if you need there are tears to cry with you too And there are hearts that will sing with you And voices to cheer when you've finally made it through (Chorus)2x Sometimes it takes the dark to let us see the light You can't have that victory unless you've fought the fight Sometimes it takes a winding road to lead us home While you're windin' 'round my friend just don't go windin' 'round alone (Chorus)2x

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