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Silence slips between us, solitude complete The stillness clear and close as heaven's door The earth beats out its rhythm, in slow and perfect time Counterpoint and harmonies, life's melodies entwine And we fight the battle here where there's time to fall in step The secrets are still known here, but the secrets never kept Chorus: Wild places, somewhere we can see the Father's hand Wild places, somewhere we can be alone with you We need a promised land. Maybe we'll be wounded in the healing, It's to be broken to be sure Can we embrace this strange awakening together? Is wisdom carved into creation? The old relationships defined As forbidding as her truth may be We'll learn her ways with time We'll learn to take it as it comes We can't change faster than we can Already we're a long way from the children we began (Chorus) Wood smoke rising, faces alive in the firelight Forsaking the road and making it home to be there tonight The young making good what they found in the wood What they learned of a land Putting dreams back together Talking it through, reaching out for the hand There's a moment caught suspended Communion born between our eyes Our vision clears its golden flight ascending And we have seen what we have come for And we will some day see again But we have climbed into the mountains So we must climb back down 'til then But we'll take it as it is crazy with love and disbelief And the magic of your morning The wilderness, the peace (Chorus) ...somewhere we can Touch the Father's hand.... We need a promised land. cuvinte muzica straina versurile versuri. Melodia muzica versuri versurile cantece cantece melodia cantece cuvinte cantece muzica Peter, Paul And Mary WILD PLACES.

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