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On the corner there's this nice man His name is Mark, He's always smiling He's got this mom who comes on Wednesdays In the evening with soup so steaming He shares his house with his friend Martin They're not brothers, they're not cousins My little girl wonders all about these men I take hold of her hand, and I begin chorus: Home is where the heart is No matter how the heart lives Inside your heart where love is That's where you've got to make yourself At home Across the yard live Deb and Tricia With their tools and ladders And their room addition My kid yells over, Are ya having a baby? They wink and smile, they say, Someday maybe. But through their doors go kids and mommies Funny how you don't see the daddies go in My little girl wonders 'Bout this house with no men, I take hold of her hand And I begin chorus 'Round the corner, here comes Martin He's alone now, he tries smiling He roams around his well stocked kitchen He knows that fate will soon be coming My little girl wonders where he will live I take hold of her hand and I begin chorus Martin sits and waits with his windows open His house is empty, his heart is broken We bring him toys and watercolors He loves to hear my little baby's stories She's the gift I share She's his companion She's the string on the kite She guides him into the wind My little girl wonders who will care for him We take hold of his hand and we begin

Melodiei album album melodia cuvinte muzica straina HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. Versuri Peter, Paul And Mary descarca descarca cuvinte versuri cuvinte.

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