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Versuri Kanday

[ VERSE 1 ] I met this new girl with big juicy lips And nice round hips, I mean her body's a trip And when I go over her house, you know what I like? The way she tells me "take it off" and never says "syke" Yo, I'm never in need, she's feedin my greed She never waits for me to ask, she takes the lead Her tongue is sticky, and hickeys are her specialty E wants her, but she saves the good stuff for me Her name is Kanday, she's dandier than Dandy Don You're mad and I'm happy that she put me on I'll never leave her for nothin, only a crazy man would That's why I had to tell ya that (I - feel - good) -->[James Brown]

Album versurile versurile Hip-hop LL Cool J muzica straina versurile melodiei versuri. Album muzica versuri cuvinte Kanday.

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