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[LL Cool J] Yeah.. Yeah I like that guitar man, yeah Yo E-Love I like the way you flipped that guitar man Knahmsayin? It was a good idea man, knahmsayin? Yeah It's kinda like freakin me, yaknahmsayin? I wanna get hype man, I wanna do this, yaknahmsayin? Just gon' chill, check it out Slick as Vasoline, smell good as cologne I'm like a muscle man in jail -- they leave me alone I rhyme like Superman, you rap like Jimmy Olson I break you like a bottle of green Golden Molson You ain't a real rhymer, you look like a actress How you gon' sleep on me holmes, do I look like a mattress? Am I that old, do I walk like Grady? I'ma hundred-fifty proof, Smirnoff is only 80 Don't you EVER try to rock my house I'm a real cool cat, know what I'm sayin Mickey Mouse? The poetry specialist, so take a dose of this Now think about it -- can you really come close to this? You soft as powder, weak as a cabin cooler Ugly as work shoes, messin with the Ruler: the ultimate writer reciter and def entertainer I work myself harder than a boxer's trainer

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