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[LL Cool J] Yeah Funky! Uh Yeah Yo, let me tell you bout a girl named Peg A D.C. haircut and stewardess legs Dressed to kill, her physique is ill Her face belongs on a dollar bill Her boyfriend's down with the M-O-B Drivin around in a 300e Trunk jewelry and all that Talkin bout, "My man can't fall black!" Sippin on cham', diamonds on her hand Takin cash, carryin drugs for her man Drivin around in a kitted up Jetta Under the seat a automatic beretta You know, the whole blase blah of rap Tellin brothers they need to get off the brastrap That's the type of girl she is Word to Miz, she got the full length blue fox, knock you out the box Big rocks, this girl is hype Hobbes The type of girl that cold did son wrong She got the face that you wanna spend money on Her man be smackin her up Yeah, backin her up to the wall, get undressed, where you goin? You ain't playin me out with that hoein Look in the mirror, check the jewels Silly rabbit, you know the rules But he had to leave on another deal So she's out there with sex appeal It's the weekend, time for freakin, she's sneakin outside, tellin her homegirls, we can do the do, with who-ever we want to cause we're the fly girl crew Not knowin her man messed up the money Ridin around, thinkin everything's funny Went in a disco, came outside Somebody pushed her in a beat up ride She had to pay for her man's mistakes They shot her in the head That's the breaks

Fast peg muzica Hip-hop ultima melodie asculta versuri versuri. Asculta piesa LL Cool J album muzica straina.

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