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Versuri The ripper strikes back

We just gon have some fun with hip hop A lil hip hop... relax, hold on to ya seats Oh yeah this is a Tunnel banger too Word up, Tunnel banger baby Hip-Hop style baby, y'all remember By the middle of March, when the pregnancy starts In your ladies' placenta, that means L just entered Duck taped your little bitch ass for frontin You poor little crackhead ass ain't hurtin nuttin Nigga you want the fame, now you're famous overnight Famous for getting fucked by a stick of dynamite You're weak nigga, you bout to die up in your sleep The overlord of rap will never meet defeat Pain and agony, I don't touch them zones Fucking everlasting lyrical methods is my throne Blast ya fifty pound ass and make you float You read it shook nigga, I wrote the book, nigga Held down my crown for a decade and a half Now I'm bout to give your grimy ass a blood bath Talk about bein broke, nigga I'm rich Cause I learned, to seperated the money from the bitch Don't hate me cause I'm paid, hate me because I'm everything you want to be : handsome, young, plus legendary Talk about Farrakhan, nigga you got to call Jesse Jackson For some Affirmative Action

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