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Versuri You and me

[LL Cool J] [Kelly Price harmonizes in background] Yeah, uhh, uhh Word up And you say New York City A-ha-ha, word up (Take me away, baby) Uhh, uhh, uhh.. uhh Damn, you and your man had beef so he left you Uptown, teary eyed, on the back streets for me to scoop up in the Bentley drop Long as God hold me down you know I had to stop What the deal ma? You wanna use my cell? You runnin solo? This block foul as hell You said my ex be beatin on me He mad jealous even though he be cheatin on me Mmm, I said miss, let me tell you somethin bout who's makin major moves and who's frontin Huh, who's talkin loud but ain't sayin nuttin And those who get the one they want but keep frontin He don't appreciate the well til it run dry Love is blind, it's hard to say goodbye {goodbye} But smart birds choose to fly cause we livin in the hood girlfriend, it's do or die Here's my definition, of love everlasting I would trade all my cash in, for passion Tiffany jewels and designer fashions to hear happiness is mine for the askin Every day on my knees I pray that I would run into someone that make me feel this way What you think, you wanna ride with L? Some things are meant to be baby, you never can tell {I wanna ride, with you baby}

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