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Doctor, What is happening to me? Palpitations My mind's diseased Even my vision is impaired I'm losing my hair Cos when I hold her in my arms I feel like Fred Astaire Lovesick My temperature's high Just met a girl Who believes we can fly I'm a millionaire And when I hold her in my arms I feel like Fred Astaire I believe in happiness I believe in Love I believe she fell to earth from somewhere high above I believe in Hollywood Don't believe that Love must bring despair Cos when I hold her in my arms I'm just like Fred Astaire He said love is just a disease A plague for the na?ve These days no one believes These days no one believes Meteors may strike the earth Nations live and die I'm the boy who got the girl Who showed me how to fly We can cross the race divide Bridge a gap that wasn't really there I'm gonna hold her in my charm Just like Fred Astaire Just like fred astire muzica straina James asculta melodia melodiei. ultima melodie melodiei versuri melodia Rock versuri descarca

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