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Versuri Born Of Frustration

All this frustration I can't meet all my desires Strange conversation Self-control has just expired All an illusion Only in my head you don't exist Who are you fooling Don't need a shrink but an exorcist Show me the movie Of who you are and where you're from Born of frustration Caught up in the webs you've spun Where's the confusion A vision of what life is like Show me the movie That doesn't deal in black and white Stop stop talking about who's to blame When all that counts is how to change All this frustration All this frustration Who put round eyes on a butterfly's wings All this frustration All this frustration Who gave the leopards spots and taught the birds to sing Born of frustration Born of frustration I'm living in the weirdest dream Where nothing is the way it seems Where no one's who they need to be Where nothing seems that real to me What can we build our lives upon No wall of stone, no solid ground The world is spinning endlessly We're clinging to our own beliefs Born of frustration Born of frustration

James asculta cantece versurile versurile muzica straina. Born Of Frustration cuvintele melodia versuri versurile versurile versuri cuvintele asculta cuvinte mp3 Rock piesa.

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