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I nearly died when you jumped in But you had to drown before you could swim All the people on the beach, they were so impressed That they wanted to join you but no they wouldn̢۪t undress Oh there, that wetness, splashed their skin So they prayed for a whirlpool to pull you in Ya ho Ya ho Ya ho So they looked away and they tried to pretend That it was for you, but no it wasn̢۪t for them Now the fear of sinking remains in place But it̢۪s this fear of failure that a real disgrace Ya ho Ya ho Let me be the one Let me be the one Let me be the one Let me be the one To get over you wall To get over you wall Heads in the sand, sea out of reach Swept away by the games of the beach Those people sat and watched your stand While the wait of their fears pulled them underground Will anyone learn from the stories that are told Of the tribe who drown in a grave of gold Ya ho Ya ho Ya ho Ya ho Ya ho Ya ho I see your heads down Someone̢۪s calling Put you heads down Someone̢۪s drowning Look up see what̢۪s fit for your eyes Some escaping on someone drowning Your head is underground Your head is underground Your head is underground Your head is under the ground

Muzica straina versuri Ya Ho asculta ultima melodie James descarca versurile asculta. Album versurile album ultima melodie versuri Rock cuvinte cuvintele.

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