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Withdrawn, muscles all tense Nothing flows for the self-obsessed Feel all washed up Restless, can't sit still A mental state, or a physical ill Toxic, bones all cracked Step on a bus, get a panic attack Of that you took me so high Now getting out of bed is enough to make me cry Saps all my energy That's how it used to be You came just in time Feel all washed up Need a wash up Need a wash Restless, muscles all ache So tense, watch me shiver as you shake Not a dance but a scream by the body at the stake Pierces my heart, something's gonna break Amazed when you cannot deny Going out of bed is enough to make you cry That's how it used to be before you came by Screwed up at school Hate bad food Too many T.V. views live in you (My friend) Feel all washed up (Need a wash) Much to take, I'm overcome So wash me up with a loving song

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