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Versuri Maria

Thereâs a Malayan stripper of sex unknown Some Siamese twins from a broken home Mariaâs party, what a show going down Maria loves her life, but sheâll show you how Thereâs a strong man tearing himself into pieces A magician who will spin you on the end of his spinderly fingers Thereâs a show going on Maria loves her life, sheâll show you how, how, how Thereâs a high wire act on the telephone wire And another Buddhist monk has set himself on fire Thereâs a fakir outside being buried alive Mariaâs mad aunt has yet to arrive A dahlia that dances, and a frog with wings, A bear in a tutu that just loves to sing, karaoke Maria loves her life, and thatâs all, and thatâs all, and thatâs all. La La La La La La La etc. You will love her forever when the scene hits your town La La La La La La La etc. You will love her forever You will all love her forever Mariaâs Party And thatâs all.

Ultima melodie melodia melodiei cuvinte versurile asculta Rock ultima melodie versuri Maria. Versuri James piesa muzica straina album.

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