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If you look at it you'll get drunk Frothing mass of filthy chunk Bloodshot eye and boiling spew To kick the ass of punks like you Seeking ancient wisdom, drinking with the gods Rolling in the gutter, craving bloated bloody scrod Where it came from none can say Though they do so anyway Memories of braincells lost Promoting drunken holocaust Try - to tame the fury of the Jagermonsta Drinking, stinking, falling down Acting like a fucking clown A drunk who got what he deserved At least his corpse is well-preserved The Jagermonster comes to slay By making you get drunk today Then drive your car until it skids Into a busload of retarded kids Who burn alive, you drunken fuck and then get hit by another truck Bleeding retards in the dirt The funny things that you're not hurt The coops don't come, you get away You'll live to drink another day... Hooray! Every stupid thing I do the Jagermonster tells me to Bring forth now the virgin, soon her flesh to flay Oh, she's not a virgin? Still, we'll kill her anyway That means we can fuck her And fuck her we will Then we will go get drunk and find Someone else to kill Drunken vengence from the grave Hooves are flailing, nailing slaves Beware the power of the Jagermonster!

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