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We all have things to hide. We know what has been tried. The hard part That we find is putting pen to paper. I know I should expose everything That's inside. But the question that plagues us is can we open our Lives? I lay it out on the line, for all to see This is how we strive for greatness. Let's share our dark sides, this has to be our time. This is our time. I'll open my door with this I let you in. Come one come all. This is our world, feel free to come along. Come one come all Robotic full of doubt Lets get our frustration out This microphones a weapon in conjunction with my mouth. melodiei album versuri asculta melodiei mp3. From Autumn To Ashes versuri muzica straina Jack and ginger mp3 asculta muzica ultima melodie descarca cantece cantece ultima melodie.

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