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Mothers nursing orphans, retreating through the beams I think that you exist but do you really? Electric correspondence, you cannot pay the rent With hand me down appendages for chemical enslavement It's not indefinite, it's got a lifespan You try to nurture it, hope for extension As far as right and wrong, I know the difference But right is oh so dull, and no one's interested Amsterdamage doctors, prescribing recipes With side affection stapled to your black jeans Expressions are revealing just where I'd rather be But I'm thrown under the bus to try to resurrect a dead scene Buckle down, when it becomes a threat you vocalize a hard truth So here goes I've reached the top of this ladder but what did it matter, It's on the wrong wall mp3 versuri versuri melodia. Muzica cuvinte Inapprope muzica straina melodiei cuvinte asculta ultima melodie From Autumn To Ashes ultima melodie.

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