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"You break my heart into a thousand pieces and you say it's because I deserve better?" Emotionless grey skies bleed somber dreams of sorrow Blackened unseen heart tears a virgins godlike innocence from its pristine palace Paint sarcastic smiles upon new wounds Tears of misery stain scar filled minds Hatred new like tomorrow flows from bitter memories Purity now embraced by sinful ideals why Lifeless tomb rests weary with prowling peering eyes Silence falls upon deaf ears covered by night Alone in thought, shaking Biting tongues of lead at unfit moments Screaming disbelief with no faith in site (and her disgust has no borders, no limits to strive for, she bends and breaks to the rules set by the weak) She's finally seen she's a beautiful girl with a smile so grand she could stop the world Stolen her skin he sews her mouth shut, means nothing to him, her screams just die out As she cries out here voice dies out As she cries out her voice dies out Love once inside her heart, lay in my hands Was it asked for? Was it implied? What could have been done? Inside her mind dies.

Cantece ultima melodie descarca mp3 ultima melodie ultima melodie muzica straina mp3. Melodiei cantece versuri From Autumn To Ashes Take her to the music store versuri asculta asculta.

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