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Always a spectacle, it's a public show, Unimpressed so it's time that I let you go Reputations from these antics I may not be pure but I'm not all that toxic Now I'm checking out and enlisting for stable living So let's drop the act, I've found something that's more appealing All this dependence on modern machinery Come for the weekend and you'll stay for the scenery Tear down the building, bludgeon the architect Biased opinion from outdated intellect If I wanted to make a comeback would kids receive me Unemployment, I've been ruined by young hands clapping And we keep sailing, with a fear of failing Listen while they say your name Sail on (Josh) We hang our heads and take the blame Sail on (Josh) A daggermouth is in control Sail on (Josh) These chemicals will take your soul (Brian) Sail on (Josh)

Cantece muzica descarca muzica straina piesa melodiei From Autumn To Ashes versuri versuri. versurile descarca Kansas city 90210 melodiei.

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