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The sound of my breath flutters past your ear Tearing down fear Grasp your heart strings by their frayed ends to choke down the feeling left inside The sands of time slide down your cheek in the form of liquefied dreams Each one stands for more than the next You give yourself to all but you To take all you had and give all thats left How could you have been so blind? The shallow waters that you come upon, show how empty your life truly is You look into the vast nothingness to see something that is not there You try to discern where to go from here You try to make sense of this confusion that you have inside (your heart) And how you can get there. (this van is on a one way trip we'll rock it straight to hell, Our Crue is Motley and our theatres filled with pain, Across the creek and into your home, Be there by eight because she doesn't want you any other way) But by a force unknown (held back) Deep inside you, your veins tied in knots Bind your blistering hands To keep you in this world forsaken As you leave your wilting soul behind.

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