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Versuri Innocent Until Caught

Innocent Until Caught Lyrics I had everything it never was enough for me to be free I ride the wings of destiny breaking all the rules I have to set my spirit free I'm gonna show you what I need Seems like it's just another game escape from nowhere I'm making other people bleed just for the thrill Innocent, innocent, innocent until caught I'm like a renegade I broke the chains of innocence on the run I've sacrificed my blood for free time to free my soul you won't chain my will again I'm gonna show you what I mean Feels like an endless odyssey out of the shadows what they gave is what they got I'm bound to lose Breaking all the rules I had to set my spirit free now I'm free now time is running out for me my blood runs cold I feel no shame for all my sins and now I'm gone my soul is free Seemed like it's just another game I escaped from nowhere I ride the wind across the sky no more pain

Versuri cuvinte versuri mp3 cuvinte descarca. Melodia piesa cuvinte asculta muzica straina piesa cuvinte Innocent Until Caught mp3 Brainstorm (Metal) cuvinte descarca.

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