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Versuri Higher Than The Sky

[ Swano ] I woke up laying in this bed I didn't know if I was 'live or dead Have I returned to reality Have I escaped this evil entity? I'v been... Higher than the sky Falling in and out of time Once I saw him die My remorse ain't worth a dime If I only knew what was going on I hear no voices, pray to god that they're gone Someone must have found and then brought me here I have been released from all the doubt and fear Then this woman came into the room She was so scared, but still she tried to stay She spoke a tongue I couldn't understand My guardian angel from a foreign land She tried to explain how she brought me here She found me lifeless in the cold And there was something about me that wasn't right So she rescued me from eternal night And even though I can't understand the words she's saying She's talking to my soul And there is mystery in her gleaming eyes

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