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We are not children any more The fists you made they are come bashing at your door Your legacy is waiting in the wings And there's something so familiar in the hunger that we bring We don't want to be like you, don't want to live like you Learn by our own mistakes, thank you Forcing time and pushing through Chorus: You are not our heroes anymore Dim the lights the time is come Into the ring the father and the son Sown in sweat and passion long ago And now the blood on our hands is the same as our own And the man has the skill and the man has the power But the boy has the will to win and so much time Chorus: You are not our heroes anymore If you knew then what you know now to be true You never would have started this whole chain we're going through And you love us now but you hate us still And we hate you now but we love you still Chorus: You are not our heroes anymore You are not my mother, you are not my father You are not our heroes anymore

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