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Versuri Frightened

It's all out on the streets today but you, you've found a place to hide Too busy with the ratrace, you pass by on the other side Yours is the face of the brand new Britain with blinkers on your eyes Find yourself position and cling on for dear life You're so frightened, everybody's so frightened The papers tell of rape and murder, everything that you want to hear Bad tidings on the radio - you find a way to name your fear So you never pick up hitchhikers, never talk to strangers Believe the world outside your bolted door is evil You're so frightened, everybody's so frightened. You are just a victim of your own bad dreams While people are the same as we've always been But through the blindness in your eyes For just one minute I see them shine Love me . . won't you love me? But they all turn away You never fight for anything, you always turn your face away And you never get involved in trouble let all evil have it's way So as the girl screams in the street below, you turn up the television Perhaps you'll see it on the news - well it's nothing to do with you You're too frightened, everybody's so frightened Why is everybody so frightened?

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