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Morning desert sun horizon rise above the sands of time Mystic journey to Arcana travel starry spheres in trine Sands of the dunes dust of the bones Swallow the trace of creatures left behind Gods of the fire fall from the sky reaped all the fruit and plagued earth dry Distant vision tempting water fall to me knees I'm going to drink it dry. Blazing desert sun reflection on the water He caught my eye Up in a tree preying on me vulture of fear why don't you let me be He said you're mine one day Spit out the sand of the mirage Be on your way Exodus ascend the plane Exile this medium of bondage far beyond the prophecy of tyrant guardians Traject the esoteric sisters they are mythical Exodus ascend the plane Exuke this medium of bondage far beyond the myriads of crypt and pyramids beyond the harpy vultures guarding their tombs Arcana awaits you Oh guardian predestination calls Silent wind I felt what you said Soon I'm exhumed for consumation He charmed my soul with his book of the dead He read it said beat no children He will inhere the malignant fear in man Sovreign the force more than emotion It controls your destiny at hand False guardian I will compel false as the fear of heaven and hell I should have known its all a mirage just as well The power of good will not be shown by conquering fear Let it be known its a constant resist While facing transformation

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