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Isolation freezes my life, coldness grips my heart Trapped within a world, a world apart. Desolate am I, a tempest raging silently. Lost a barren adrift at sea. Catatonic state, it sharpens life's depressing edge The clamor draws me closer to the ledge As I gaze upon this burning world I curse this life. A life through which I'm hurled Lies, lies upon this side and that Truthless violence deception mourned by the wise. Thousands of voices drowning out his own In a popular torrent of lies upon lies Turn to stone. So intense the pain that has crawled From the bleeding corpse of pleasure. That feeds the worm the writhes Inside my brain. In the deep of night it stirs again In the heart of the sleeper, From the crack of dawn I wake to curse The rising of the sun. Every life is built on hope Now my dreams have surely passed, Inner voices haunt my numbered days Darkness calls me with her laughs Torn between life and death inertia Fills my soul. No will to be nor pride to care Reapers take your toll. Strangers cast a menacing glance as Existence I defy. Shatter their dream like world I'm not Afraid to die Omen bird soars the desert land to the castle Of idolence, there lies the shadow of a man. See the colored flowers and marble towers They fade to brown Like the unknown inscribed in stone He's abandoned, abandoned flesh and bones He's lost in silence swallowed in vastness Drowned in the depths of a meaningless Past

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