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Thousands of years, before the dawn of history. Ancient races tears, are flowing like a river to the sea. Where sacred river ran, white deer had roamed the land, brilliant twilight in our dreams. Primitive child, your unforgotten tribe calls to you. Descendants we are one, the tangled maze is broken once again. A myth without a meaning, you shade the light from the seed. The earth and virgin soil watch it bleed. The earth and virgin soil. Red, white, black, in city masses, corporate buildings spread like rashes, stacked upon each other forty high. Stabbed each other in the back, you money-hungry maniacs, dig up the earth and spit it in your eye. To intrude this sacred land, where the mortals have been banned, where your own forefathers lie in rest. To disturb this mountain side, where in battle we did ride, and our warriors where they lie, the earth digest. Hear our cry from down below, let our restive spirits go. You've trapped us in your world of sin, let the plague begin, Damnation. Your cities disappear, to earth's interior, don't you know you've got to let your spirits go, let 'em go. You've got to let those spirits go. Let 'em go! You've got to let your spirit go.

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