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Young warrior to the drunken gallery slave Running with the wind running wayward knave I'm a vagabond with a maelstrom mind My blood has left me behind So go away leave me alone. If you look in my eyes you see only stone I won't let you in I can lock you out, In your world, your fallacy, I don't want desolate Isle of debris Sister Superior, witch is on her winged flight. Nightmare dream children scream, Echo Orphanage Hall Tonight I'm a misconception never had affection I don't even know my name Just as well who would know locked in The closet all day, but I like it here They leave me alone. I the sheep, she is the wolf, I must run Run to the end of the world. Ophan Gypsy all I'll ever be Magic for emotion I am free. Ophan Gypsy all I want to be Lift your chains from me. No place to call home, sever my roots from The earth, eternal exile from day one. In this lease of life I entered as one In the end I leave as one. Not a single word of guile is heard Come the clouds before the rain. You've entered my sanctum blasphemed And caused me pain. You're a figment of my imagination I am stone now you know I gave my Soul to read your mind.

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