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Morrigan you come again Morgan La Fay, raven on my sill of frost far away from the sea of the setting sun Island of fire and albatross Taught so well magic merlin the wizard Maiden of beauty dressed in rainbow Come to me Damon girl daughter of saul queen of the under world . . . she'll have us all Damon girl foul temptress of lust Peasants to kings your heart surely turn to dust Damian she's the mortal of man Lives in your dreams in darkness, reaches out her hand Come to me Fata Morgana . . . She will take you Hungry scarred harlot hunting another heart Morrigan fallen angel queen of magic Kneeling at the widows altar, temptress of my . . . She's the widow of my dreams Far beyond the realm of dream, your wildest dream Ascend to the plane, an imaginary game to play Past the golden pillars of the lore to Lemuria Imagine your queen . . . take her she's yours Damian upon her throne mirrored mirage of your desire Of my desire Passion slave, her life I gave Jump into her fire

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