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ENDLESS... APOCALYPSE... ENDLESS... ENDLESS... APOCALYPSE... There wasn't any reason To change the melody Are you a real person Or do you just play one on TV? People say - why don't you die? I keep waking up and when I do I'm alive Slipping on a lampshade Wishing you were me You're just wishing for poop But happy with pee We're just part of one filthy family Its hard to feels so down and I am getting over ENDLESS APOCALYPSE... in the beginning... ENDLESS... ENDLESS... ENDLESS APOCALYPSE... You think that it's over It really just begun Watching your hair grow Is really quite fun Thought I was thinking About another time I'll pursue a career as a mime Why won't you die? I keep waking up and when I am I'm alive Endless apocalypse To end the beginning Endless apocalypse Endless apocalypse today It's a beautiful day ENDLESS APOCALYPSE... ENDLESS... ENDLESS... ENDLESS APOCALYPSE... ENDLESS... ENDLESS... Endless Apocalypse To end the beginning Endless Apocalypse Endless Apocalypse today It's a beautiful day

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