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The winter of fortynine had passed A winter of haunt n fear Hunger had knocked at the city-gates And threatened the pioneers Then low in the east strange clouds appeared And dark became the sun And the courage to fight and win a war Was all of a sudden gone Black crickets By 10s millions or more Black crickets By 10s millions or more Until the fields that waved were few Black crickets Crickets by tens of millions came Like fog on a british coast They swept down from the mountainsides Settled by the mormon post Then the oldest old man got this bright idea And he called for all the men We'll build a giant nest & the crickets will fear That the big bird is here again!! Black crickets... They constructed the nest and two days went by They all prayed by the end of their work The unexpected guests would fly They saw the nest the vision occured And the dogs would wag their tails Crickets all shouted: Bird is the word The insects hit the trail All heads were bowed as they thanked the lord And they reaped while the devil raved 'Coz their harvest was saved to tons of praise And the pioneers were saved Black crickets... Thousands of millions Millions of billions Billions of trillions Trillions of zillions D.A.Dillions of fantazillions Of black crickets

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