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Like a roach in a sink, I was fighting the water I fell on my back down the drain I'd drown you'd think but no sooner than later I was back on my feet again Yeah, I crawled on the streets, looking up at the buildings And often I hid my face I paced among feet, your floor was my ceiling But now I live like I own the place On the road below me I smile at the joys of travelling On the road below me I can handle almost everything On the road below me First I was sad; but now I'm free On the road below me The distance from here to a memory Every day was a mountain, the fear of what hid Inside of the timeworn phrases I went from pale to gray, from being shut away And now I can't resist new faces Days become weeks, yeah, March becomes May Looking back at my sleepless nights But, hey, I'm built for trouble and I can take a lot And I can safely say: I'm allright! On the road below me ... Allright! You know wonders are wonderful -Even when they are being asked for.. Yeah, we just don't know What life has in store for us.. Because the moral of this is immoral And the moral escapes me now... On the road below me ...

The Road Below Me melodia descarca D A D ultima melodie cuvinte versuri. Versurile descarca versuri descarca muzica versurile album muzica straina cuvinte.

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