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Versuri A Kiss Between The Legs

Like a trip in luxury A little ship with you and me We won the lottery We sail on silver into the sunset And we'll live to be a hundred A kiss between the legs - I wonder how Just a kiss - A kiss makes it better A kiss between the legs - yeah, somehow One day it's chicken, the next day it's feathers A kiss between the legs. Yeah -Whenever you find what you seek It's Be kind to clitoris-week!! Oh la-la-la. On a journey ruled by love A little luck and true romance Your ticket you'll find.. Is booked and paid for in advance So put it back in your pants A kiss between the legs... Deep in your eyes I see that you are life to me If you're the kind that wait Please hear my wish, grant me my request: -I want to live between your breasts!! A kiss between the legs... Yeah, whenever you build a home -Build it around her moan.. Oh la-la-la

Melodiei album asculta melodia melodiei descarca muzica A Kiss Between The Legs. Melodiei cantece D A D descarca versuri versuri muzica straina.

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